The 8 BIT CANNIBAL chews up and spits out metal classics as would be heard through a NES, Master System, C64 or Gameboy. This is retro fun for the aging metaller who still remembers what it was like to wait for a game to load while he had his dinner, and that a 'joystick' was nothing more than a computer control device..

He is a man of very few words - here is what he had to say to us ;

Who is the '8 BIT CANNIBAL' ? where is he from ? What is he about ??

I am Terry Anderson, im from the US (New Hampshire), I love fusing music genres, it turns out sounding really cool.

Why the hell did you decide to re-create classic metal songs in an 8-bit metal style and how long have you been doing it !?

Well, i love metal so much and i love nintendo, i just thought it up one day, and thought itd turn out really neat, I havent been doing it very long, its been about.. a few months or maybe longer..

It is clear that you have a good knowledge of music - all the covers are note-perfect ! Do you play anything other than SID chips and gameboys (musical instruments) ? Any previous bands ?

No, just this, and i havent been in any other bands before.

What is your favourite computer game music ? What is your favourite emulator ? what was your first computer ?

I love all these different bands i have added on myspace, like 8 bit Mayhem and Internal/terror, Not quite sure i can remember.

Was there a 'golden age' of computer gaming ? How do you view the near-virtual reality of games these days ?

Hmm, i enjoyed all the nintendo gaming consoles and everything.. I believe that gaming consoles will just keep getting better and better.

There is a bizzarely highly popular 8-bit dance music scene - are you aware of that ? Do you feel it is ruined by just using 8-bit sounds and putting it over standard shite house music ? Has 8-bit music, as a genre, lost it's integrity ??? Has 8 Bit music sold out ??!!!!

Yeah, the 8-bit scene stuff, i like some of it, but it's kinda of like emo music, it just all sounds the same.. selling out just like emo bands.

What is the future for the '8 Bit Cannibal' ? Will you be bringing us more 8-Bit Metal to listen to whilst playing SEGA GENS ? Any last words ??

YES, i'm hoping to make alot more albums and other stuff for people!

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