DEATH TO MUSIC productions
is an "anti record label" based at the "Council-Flat of Mass Destruction" somewhere amid the suburbs of this vile drug-death capital of the UK.

Founded in 2007, we infrequently release a variety of loud noisy music in MP3 format for FREE, and even less frequently as strictly limited edition CDs which are manufactured by our artists. We previously also released other artists FREE sanctioned downloads, which you can find HERE.

We don’t actually make any money - in fact, we make a point of NOT making any money. All funds raised are put directly back into the next product ;
Hand-to-mouth - Art for Art's sake.

All of the music available here is untainted by aspirations of commercial success, which ultimately leads to the downfall of all art and the crumbling of integrity. DEATH TO MUSIC productions exists to bring together a diaspora of underground artists / projects for you to investigate. If you have got as far as reading this, then we've succeeded.

For all enquiries related to Death To Music, get in touch NOW via the following email address ;