The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom was founded in conjunction with by James Fogarty (founder member of Ewigkeit, The Meads Of Asphodel, Blacksmoke) sometime in 2007. A self-titled debut limited edition CD album was released, subsequently given away as a free download once the bulk had been sold and then they set about documenting the further lunacy of Operation Enduring Freedom's disasterous invasion of Iraq and the subsequent mass murder perpetrated by the soldiers of misfortune in the name of liberty - this was called 'Kalsashnikovs & Car Bombs' (DTM023).
Now they return with a totally free download EP documenting the collapse of the international banking system
'Bomb The Bank'
Various folk associated with DTM had some questions to ask mainman J. Fogarty about his continuing mission...

So, The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom are back with some new thoughts on the economic crisis / credit crunch / the greatest depression. What made you want to cover this topic ?

When I used to run the ‘Ewigkeit Ministry of Information’, I became really interested in the whole concept of a 'fiat currency' and the way money works. Manily because this is where real power lies - not in parliment or the ballot box. Old DTM mailing list members may remember me actually emailing The Bank Of England back in 2005, to ask them what I would get if I wanted to "cash in" my £10 note (as the note represents the value of £10, which it promises “to pay the bearer on demand”). To my surprise, I got a reply, and I was basically told that all I would get is a new £10 note – which kind of opens up a whole can of worms about what on earth money is really all about.

People who know me know very well I have been banging on about the abstract idea of “money” for years and have lamented the whole way society has been going for years during the whole 'credit card boom'. As The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom was created to provide an alternate commentary on world events, it seemed perfectly natural to encourage a full-on assault on the bankers and their mindless minions. I’d hazard a guess that most people reading this are not as cynical as me, but I’d personally predict we are in for rougher times ahead and the worst is yet to come. Green shoots my arse – we are f**ked in a way that hasn’t been seen in the modern world.

Why did you choose the title "Bomb the bank" on your latest EP ?

Because, in a world without legal repercussions, the best thing you could do to the banks is to blow them up. We’d all be better of without these f**king scum. The smashed up ATM machine that is the artwork for the EP pretty much sums up the frustration society is feeling and will be feeling to a greater degree over the next few years.


The style of T.B.O.E.F has progressed from each release – where is it going ? What influences you musically these days ?

Anything and everything ranging from Death Metal through to Electro Dub through to World Music is added to the musical melting pot. Dub is a field we’ll be hoping to explore more. I personally started mixing metal and dub on the last Ewigkeit album 'Conspiritus' with the track Transcend The Senses, and it’s something I’d like to bring to TBOEF more and more. Basically, the moment we find boundaries, then 'The Bombs...' will probably cease to exist.

What software do you use for creating your music ? How long time do you spend on each track ?

Various downloaded and cracked software keeps 'The Bombs..' up & running and able to keep creating. Usually the initial idea for a few songs comes up and is thought about over a few pints of beer, and then samples and riffs will be gathered and a song starts to take shape. It did start to get to a point where the songs on 'Bomb The Bank' had been hanging around for a few months, and we just decided it was time to give them away. We already played them to death ourselves (watch the sub bass !).

It’s all pretty time-consuming, but we’re not adverse to recycling past work more and more as we go. Any previous music written by TBOEF members is up for cannibalization - I guess you could say we are into 'recycling'...

If you were offered a really great record-deal, would you sign it ? Or are you going to stay faithful to DTM ?

There is no danger whatsoever of a big record label offering 'The Bombs..' a deal. And besides - enough has been accomplished in other projects over the years that we dont need affirmation of the quality of our music from anyone. We do what we do because we want to and for no other reason. As long as we like it - that is all that is important.

Although the music produced is deliberately catchy and listenable 'The Bombs..'s no way a marketable project – and that is kind of the whole the point of it. Can you really see an "established" lable releasing 'Kalashnikovs & Car Bombs' or 'Bomb The Bank' ? It just aint gonna happen.

Death To Music
and 'The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom' go hand in hand as a dual concept that originated at the same time. That’s not to say 'The Bombs..' wont do the odd remixes for bands like our remix for Norwegian Black Metal Avantguardists Solefald, DnB / metal band Shellshock or up & coming reggae artists Rebel Control. That goes towards spreading the name of TBOEF and shows that we can keep up with the best of them.

If you had the possibility to change anything in the music-industry, what would it be ?

The main problem with the music industry is that it exists at all. Artistic expression is not something that can be rolled off a production line. There are essentially only 2 parties necessary for an exchange the ARTIST and the FAN – the “industry” (read as "middle man") is what enables the suits and non-creative types as a to bleed cash out of musicians and people who want to buy or listen to their music. Myspace is the only element of the ‘industry’ that we really tolerate – and that is because it is essential in 2009.

And by the way - expect a hell of a lot of labels to start dissapearing as their bank accounts dry up. The advent of downloads being compounded by an economic catastrophe is probably the biggest "challenge" the 'industry has ever faced. We should see this as a f**kin opportunity !

Do you support graffiti-artists ? Do you use graffiti as an art expression ? What do you think of graffiti ?

If there is an interesting statement being made, graffiti is great way to get the message across. Some of Banksy’s older stuff was good – but it’s got more pointless as he has become over-exposed. There are a lot of Bansky wannabees (known as Wanksys) and some of it is good, some of it is crap. But really – how relevant can you be when you are getting millions of quid for your work ? Not very. Just look at the Pop charts or Hollywood films for evidence of that.

What’s next on the agenda for The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom ?

Retribution. It’s hotting up…

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