We were contacted by Jake from 'Bring Your Own Knife' - they were looking for a record deal. Strange you may think, but we explained how we are the antithesis of a record label, but they still wanted to be a part of the family.

Well, upon listening to Bring Your Own Knife (BYOK), we were really very surprised by the quality of their stuff. You will find the music made by these young guys from Motala, Sweden to be of the "shit hot" variety, in the style of fellow counry-men - the defunct (and since reformed to re-live teenage glory-days) 'At The Gates' with some 'The Haunted' and some legendary 'Entombed' thrown in too.

Their FREE digital E.P is available now from DEATH TO MUSIC Productions (click the banner above) - and here are some questions that we had for them...

Hey guys - your stuff is great and of higher-than-average quality - how is it that you arent signed to a big label and touring ? Why did you choose to contact DEATH TO MUSIC Productions ?

Hi & Thanks. We’re currently negotiating with a record label. We don’t really know what to expect. One thing’s for sure, we’re only interested in making our music available to as many people as possible. Making huge money isn’t important to us. We felt like we had done all we could do to promote and spread our music by ourselves, so we started to look for people that could perhaps help us out, and we found DTM Productions.

Although extremely cool, your metal doesnt follow the current metal-media trends of being either Viking Battle Metal or ultra cheezy 'big white trainers and skin-tight denim' retro Thrash - the sound you have peaked at it's popularity about 7 or 8 years ago - are you too late or to early ? or dont you give a shit about that kind of thing ?

To be honest – we really don’t give a shit. We play what we like to play and don’t care about anything else. We’re not trying to fit in any genre with our music.

Whats the current status of the band ? Playing many gigs ? Writing new songs ? Killed any band members ?

Haha, we always try to kill each other when we’ve spent too much time together in the rehearsal room, but no one has died yet, fortunately. At the moment we’re trying to play at as many locations as possible. We realize it’s important to be out there playing if you want to get peoples attention. And recording a CD isn’t even close to the experience of playing the music live. Our next gig is on the 31st of May at a huge festival named “Siesta!” in Sweden. We’re really looking forward to it. New songs.. Yeah, we’ve got a few of those as well. We’re always working to improve our songs and we always have ideas for new songs. Guess that’s a good thing.

What was the reason you formed BYOK ? Why the name BYOK ? What do you guys listen to ? If not love and peace, what are the lyrics about in your songs ?

The reason we formed BYOK is that we all love this kind of music and we felt like walking our own path into the world of metal. We’re pretty sick of all bands that just copy each other and follow silly trends created by media. Sure, it’s hard to create something original nowadays when it comes to metal, but at least we’re trying.

I don’t really know why we have the name BYOK. It was our drummer who came up with it one day in the rehearsal room and we thought it sounded good. We don’t think the name of the band is that important, for us it’s all about the music. The meaning behind our name is something like “life sucks so you better bring your own knife so you can kill yourself at any time”.
We listen mostly to metal. But to make a long story short – we listen to what we believe is good no matter what. You got to stay true to yourself. Our lyrics are mostly about self destruction, anguish, anxiety, death and brutality. Something we have to live with everyday here in the cold and gloomy Sweden, haha.

What is your opinion on the state of record labels, promoters magazines ? Do you see it as a fairly run buisness ? Are you worried that some cynical bastards will take advantage of your enthusiasm and dreams and make you work like a dog in return for nothing ?

As I said before, at this point, money isn’t important to us. If there’s one thing I don’t trust its journalists. They always distort reality to make it more interesting, to get more readers and make more money. We think artistic freedom is very important. Neither labels nor magazines should prevent artist from creating their art as it was supposed to be created.

What do you think about free downloading ? What do you think of DEATH TO MUSIC Productions ? If you found a suitcase of stolen money and drugs, would you take it to the police station ?

Free downloading is a great way to share your music with others because most people have access to a computer with internet-connection nowadays. Bands that aren’t “famous” have a hard time reaching out to people with their music and free downloading is a great way to do that.
DTM Productions are great. There should be more “labels” like that, helping bands out without any interest in making money. That’s what we call being true to the “spirit of art”. We would keep the bag and throw away the drugs and the money. It’s always good to bring your own bag, haha

What does the future hold for you guys ? what are your plans for the next 12 months ? Do you see BYOK as your main musical venture ?

Yes, everyone in the band has to be 100% devoted to the band. We’ve had people in the band that have played in other bands at the same time and it didn’t work out at all. When playing in BYOK it requires a lot of time and you really don’t have the time to play with other bands at the same time. In the future we hope to release a lot of full-length albums, do a lot of live shows and a lot of touring. Our goal is to “live on the road”

Visit 'Bring Your Own Knife's official website @ www.bringyourownknife.com