BLACK METAL has probably by far been the metal genre most responsible for the greatest number of sub (sub, sub) genres. One fo the most obscure and anti commercial of these is the Latin American sub genre of Ethno-metal. The amount fo bands from Mexico alone who have started to foillow this path is quite astounding, and yet we still await a 'mainstream' breathrough for this style (although Sepultura's 'ROOTS' album could areguablyclaim this crown).
CORUBO is the foremost band of this style in Brazil, and their music brings to mind the pure cinemtaic masterpiece that is 'The Mission', but with the rawness of
Rio's Favelas (as dipicted in the modern classic 'City of God'). CORUBO bring you the newest in the line of downloadable releases in the form of '2011's 'Wuy Jugu'...





















For those who have not yet discovered you indigenous Amazonian Black Metal, please tell us the history of Corubo?  What does the name mean?

First, the indigenous culture is not confined to one place. The Amazonia is a place that contains a large concentration of indigenous peoples, but is a part of all indigenous peoples around the world. For this reason we call our sound Indigenous Black Metal.

Corubo is a tribe that live isolated and that resist to civili$ation and your capitalist monopoly. Even isolated, the tribe knows the civili$ation and for this reason keep distance of same. There are also the “Cacique Corubo” that was part of the tribe Corubo. When as a child, he was kidnapped by rubber tappers. Since then, he devoted his life to fight against the Nature’s devastation.

So, this name represents for us a fight of own freedom, being who you are! Corubo started in end of 1999, since then we fighting for your existence.

There is a large amount of Latin American bands who are exploring their pre-colombian roots - is this inspired by the Scandinavian bands?

Yes and no. For us, we have many music influences with the center in the native works from the entire world, without frontiers!

Is there a big following of indigenous Black Metal in Latin America? How are the labels in Latin America towards this music?

We believe that Indigenous Black Metal is growing. We cannot tell which way this idea will follow, because today there is a strong influence of NShit (NS Metal). But it’s something that is spreading to the ears of people and labels and this is good.

I read somewhere online that your lyrics are in Guarani - is this true?  Are there translations into Portuguese and/or English?

Yes, our lyrics are in Guarani. We always put two versions of lyrics in covers, that was sung and its translation, usually translated in English, for more people understand the lyrics, and in Portuguese.

Do the members of the band have indigenous bloodlines?  How far can this be traced in Brazil?

Yes. For example, the current member, Cauã, have indigenous heritage.

The creation of bra$il killed many ancient origins, but we can find some trace to the indigenous ancient past, Even existing pure and mixed ethnic groups just like in the U.$.

The Amazonian tribes are currently having to deal with the building of the Monte Belo hydro-electric dam - what are your thoughts on this?

The conversation between Indigenous and Monte Belo representatives is already an act of despair. We don't have good feelings about this. This is more one corrupt act in this country.

What other important issues do you think people should be made aware of in connection with the indigenous peoples of Latin America ?

Our connection to Indigenous cultures is something personal, something that we want to ourselves. Of course it would be important people learned some real ancients cultures, trying to find some way with your Nature, but we value the real identification, or it could all ends as a trend, worthless, with not value.

You are playing live concerts - how are these going?  Have you travelled beyond Brazil?  (Brazil is the size of Europe, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you haven't!)

Today it's difficult to do live concerts because we don't have members to do this. Corubo has two members that play many instruments each, so we need at least five more musicians to make a live concert.

Since 1999, Corubo had several formations that allowed live concerts, but as the variety of instruments has grown over the years. It’s difficult to find musicians that like to be part of Corubo, in the musicianship and in the ideology.

You have an extensive back catalogue of Free downloads - how does this way of promoting your music work for you?  Do you have CDs available?

When we finished an album he is officially released. Through the Internet, by self-release, by label or another way to release. We work with Cd'r, but with an unlimited number of copies, so any album can be purchased from us.

Of course we are always seeking a label to release our material in Pro-CD/CDDA, but not always bands and labels reach a decision…

For promoting we use Internet, of course, like A friend of ours has a Corubo Myspace fan page that he uses to promoting our work. But the main way to promoting is by our friends and contacts that we made during those years of band.

There is a very un Black Metal socially aware aspect to Corubo through your love of the pre-conquistador heritage - do the musicians of Black Metal bands have to be 'evil' or is it just immature?

Look, "want to be" evil is immature. Of course what the "Devastators" have with the Indigenous People here is something that raises a very strong hatred. But the revolt has to come with an action. So, just “want to be" is not enough, and stay thereon is immaturity.

Any last words for the Death To Music faithful downloaders? 

 We appreciate the opportunity and we hope continue with this partnership for a long time, thanks for your interest!

Thank you Death To Music ! Momaitei,


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