After FLUID contributed a track to one of the growing number of Industrial Metal compilations (F**K 'EM ALL), we thought you would like to be able to hear more of this intruiging multi-genre inspired project of Chistophe Gilmore ;

With a plethora of influences and inspirations, Fluid takes in everything from Meat Beat Manifesto to Massive Attack to Godflesh. It's doesnt stop there either - the list of musical influences on FluiD's myspace page is exhaustive (in comparison to many).

Seeing as Gerardo (of Industrialized Metal zine) knows the music of FluiD more intimately, we decided to let him undertake the obligatory interrogation of a man who clearly knows not only his music and literature, but also where he is coming from and what he is about...

First of all, could you introduce your project to the readers?

Greetings my name is Christophe. I produce and perform music as FluiD. I am originally from Los Angeles, Ca. (US)., I now live in Chicago, Illinois (US). I have released music both as a solo artist and collaborator on various independent labels (STS, Alrealon Music, UMR, DEXANDTHECITY RECORDS and now Death To Music Prod.). I have also constructed remixes for Heat From A Deadstar, Fr/action, Worms of the Earth and DisinVectant.

You were in many projects before (Re:dux tion, subduxtion, Drug Of Choice, Immaculate Corrosion and many more). Why did you decide to form FluiD in the end?

I decided to form FluiD as I think it really defines my musical life. I have constantly moved through various styles of music, taking influence from all of them. Having released music as varied as electro-funk all the way to avant-garde classical; it seems that change is the only constant in my musical life.

What are your main influences, and how would you describe your music?

I always have trouble describing my music (I think most artists have that problem). I would say that the main attributes of my music are slow tempos, eerie atmospherics, Sci-fi, noise and a fondness for bass. I would say those five elements are present in all of my music. I take influence from Public Enemy and the Bomb Squad, Scorn, Godflesh, Techno Animal, Consolidated, Meat Beat Manifesto, Spectre, RZA, DJ Spooky, Samuel Delancy, Massive Attack, Bruce Sterling, Kodwo Eshun, Detroit Techno and Bill Laswell.

'Unavoidable Abuses' is your brand new release for Death To Music Productions. What are your opinions on the release? What can people expect of it?

I’m really quite proud and excited by it. I think my song-writing, production and sound-design skills have all improved and it shows on this new release. This is definitely some of my best work and I’m looking forward to its’ release. As for expectations, for those people who already familiar with my work they will find something new in my overt use of guitars. If you’re not familiar with my music you’ll get a good overview of my sound. The title’s genesis lies in the book ‘Holy Fire’ by Bruce Sterling. I was reading this book while working on these songs. Sterling has always been one of my biggest influences and he looms quite large on ‘Unavoidable Abuses’. As a whole, ‘UA’ is my look at “the future is now”. So many of the ideas put forth by sci-fi/speculative fiction writers has actually come true. Not the jet packs, monorails and utopian society but the darker more sinister elements. Secret government testing, religious warfare, surveillance, lost of individual rights, large scale wealth disparity, arms dealing, global tracking, covert military actions, genetic engineering, destruction of our natural resources, the list goes on and on. It is no wonder we have seen “terrorism” grow in its’ many forms.

Christophe performing live
as FluiD

What do you consider to be the best track on the release, and why?

I think the best track is ‘antiplagues’ (track 5). The reason is, I feel it adds something new to my sound. I pushed myself to find new elements or colors to use and I think that, ‘antiplagues’ contains a couple of new “colors” from me.

You released already a song on Death To Music's 'F**k Em All - Vol 3' before, so 'Unavoidable Abuses' will be the debut EP for Death To Music. What do you expect of this collaboration?

First let me THANK, James of DTM for his interest in my music! I’m really happy to be affiliated with the DTM family. I share many of the same aesthetics as DTM with regard to the music industry, art and the downfall of society. I hope that this is the first of many collaborations with DTM. I agree with James’ philosophy, 100 percent ;

“We specialize in releasing high-quality music either for free, or as strictly limited edition CDs. We don’t actually make any money - in fact, we make a point of NOT making any money. All funds raised are put directly back into the next product. Hand-to-mouth - Art for Art's sake. This is to ensure our music is untainted by aspirations of commercial success, which ultimately leads to the downfall of all art and the crumbling of integrity. This, coupled with a strong emphasis on independence, individuality and intolerance to the illegal practices of 99% of record labels, DEATH TO MUSIC productions aims to circumvent the established routes of getting high quality music / art heard and seen. If you have got as far as reading this, then we've succeeded.
F**k the industry - we don’t need 'em.”

It is a pleasure to work with a net-label that is doing more than just “file-hosting”. James has a philosophy and a belief behind his label and his life.

Within the biography we find terms such as 'afrofuturist', 'anarchist', 'cultural activist' and 'vegan'. I think this begs for an explanation...

Nice to know someone reads those MySpace bios. (LOL) As for the descriptors I used, it was important to me to represent FluiD as not just another music act but as a human being. I spend most of my time making music but at the end of the day, life is still larger than the music. It was important to show that what constitutes FluiD is more than the music. I have been a vegan for many years and do what I can to promote the idea of veganism. As an African-american who defies the stereotypical constructs of African-americans, that makes me an activist. My fight / activism is against the clearly defined boundaries of what it means to be black in America and to a larger degree the world. Anarchy in its’ truest definition means no rules / laws. However that comes with personal responsibility. If people would take more responsibility for their actions, we would need less laws or rules to control behavior. Consensual S&M relationships are great examples of anarchist ideals. Anything is possible, no boundaries, no rules except one, If one person says stop, the other person stops. Both parties have agreed to act responsibly. “Afro-futurism” is a difficult concept to explain in a short amount of space. Suffice it to say it is a theory / idea of African-Americans as aliens. It would take many paragraphs to delve in this idea fully. In fact, it would take pages to fully articulate this concept as many books have been written on the idea.


What are your views on the newly elected President Obama?

The election of President Obama is historic but I think it is more important for how he has brought “hope” to many people who had either lost all hope or had begun to feel hopelessness. I can’t even begin to talk about the historic importance of his election to me an African American male. All I can say is I’m glad my parents were alive to see this! They endured far more than I have or ever will in terms of discrimination. Some perspective to offer, I am of the first generation of African-americans to be born with right to vote. Stop and think about that for a moment. Every white-american child born before me had the right to vote. His election rings loudly around the world. I hope that the rest of the world takes a second look at the U.S. I hope that his election helps to ease and resolve the tensions between the U.S. and my Islamic bothers and sisters. His message of “Hope and Change”, must be real. There is no time, no room for political rhetoric. We’ve had too much of that in the last eight years. I hope we use the word “presidency” to describe his time in office not “regime”!

Got any final words? Why should the readers download 'Unavoidable Abuses'?

Many thanks to James of DTM Prod., to you - Gerardo and the staff at Industrialized Metal Webzine. Your continued support of me and my music is very much appreciated! I think readers should download, ‘Unavoidable Abuses’ if they’re interested in hearing a very different take on “industrial-metal”. I hope I have broadened the idea of what is “industrial-metal”.



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