Spain 2005 ; a strange flying craft not of this world (U.I.O - Unidentified Industrial Object) crash landed in Donostia (San Sebastián). Reports of something being recovered by the government are strongly denied, but at the same time as this event, an inter-galactic industrial rock trio dubbed KRELL emerged, blending what could be discribed as KMFDM, meets Depeche Mode meets John Fryer on the Moon...

Et Heit

Ant Flaten

Mik Mothma

First - who and what is Krell, and what does the bandname mean?

Krell is a three-head techno monster! No seriously, Krell is a project that tries to mix some electro components with a rocker attitude.
We think that electronic music needs a bit of rock to gain a human feeling, for not to be so cold.
The name cames from a classic science fiction movie, "Forbidden Planet" (1956). On the film you can hear about a society, The Krells, that became extinct after reaching a perfect knowledge of technology. We liked that concept, and we took that name, Krell. It's like nowadays, we are reaching a techno-perfect world but we are forgetting about humanity, about thinking on the other, on what he thinks, he feels....

How did things get started for Krell? Musically, we hear many different elements within your music. Can you enlighten us a bit about your influences?

We started about 3 years ago from now, we knew each other from other bands... One day we started to talk about to make a project together, mixing technology and rock... and here we are!
Our musical influences are really wide... we can say that we hear every kind of music that reach our ears. From pop-rock to grind-core.
For example: Et loves electro and goth music. He hears a lot of classic EBM stuff, he loves bands like Nitzer ebb, Front 242, Bigod20... and in goth stuff he loves Bauhaus, The Cure, Systers of Mercy... and so on.
For Ant, music is music... he hears everything. From pop, to grind. One day he is on R.E.M and the other he is headbanging and trashing with Napalm Death. He is a huge fan of Faith No More.
I, Mik... love classical metal bands like Judas Priest, Maiden, etc... and of course industrial music like NIN, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly... Also I'm a huge fan of classical grind bands like Napalm death, Carcass... and Nasum!! So basically we've got too many influences... from Bowie, to Merzbow.

photographic evidence of extra terrestrial life

What's the message you try to spread lyrically?

You should ask Et... he writes all the stuff, but he tries to write about everything...from science fiction, like "Soul eater" talking about a monster that attacks earth, to social themes, like "Idol of the century" talking about how media (tv, radio, the www) is trying to alienate people telling what you can say,
how you have to dress, how to be, how to talk...

You're from the Basque region of Spain. How is life over there, and how is the local music scene?

Life here is really boring! Nothing to do at all... birth, school, work, marry, have a child and die... that is the philosphy of almost all people we know around here.
We are now on our first 30's, you know... The kind of music that almost every person hears here is mainstreem bullshit... we live in a town were the naffest pop is the coolest thing in the world.

Got some final words for the readers of this interview?

Hope you like our new EP... "Media is a God to rec-over" brought to you by "Death To Music", and stay tuned to our myspace, for more stuff and news. See you!

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