Kunstterrorist Audio Noize is an on-again off-again project incepted under Kunstterrorist Organisation rows. Band members describe the music as a soundtrack to everything that Kunstterrorist Organisation does. Following is the transcript of interview with the founder of Kunstterrorist Organisation and the band leader, Filip Filkovic. Filkovic is also known for his work with James Cauty of the KLF fame on his project The Cautese National Postal Disservice working on "War is Over" series of works. Questions and answers about what Kunstterrorist Audio Noize is all about should intrigue you enough to download the debut album "The Next War"...

War is Over
Series of works Filkovic made with
James Cauty for C.N.P.D.

Filkovic's most acclaimed
works under KTO

Abbey Rd. Insurgency

Statue of Awareness

Insurgent Activity


Everything, Everything

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at the official site:

First of all - How many people are working on Kunstterrorist Audio Noize?

It's not a regular band you know, it's more of an experiment in human nature as I like to put it. Basically 60% all the work on the stuff is done by Jan Kincl and me. Kincl is a producer and famous dj here in Croatia. He's the owner of Bondage Theory techno label. We work together for ages now - I'm in charge of all the cover art for the Bondage too. Damjan Radulovic, Matija Opacak and Ivan Bujevic are the guitarists in the band. We have some more engineers (Musa, Emerik, Choro) but they mostly do their stuff on our live performances and such crap. Basically when it comes to KTO, everyone is doing something to help - nice little family.

How did it all start?

It all started back in the day when I opened up the Kunstterrorist Organisation thing. It's like this source trough which I release all the art stuff I do and it's also an anti-activism organisation which works on ton of stuff actually, from immediate political anti-activism to street art and bombing. We're doing a bunch of projects under the KTO motif over here in Croatia. So like a year after the organisation was in full bloom I talked with this guy Rade (Damjan Radulovic) about some music and we talked how we should make a division inside of KTO that would produce sound. Rade was in a few punk bands and kicked ass on a guitar. I talked to Kincl which also liked the idea, later we gathered some more people and started to make music. We did some musical sessions, some live gigs and couple of remixes. People seemed to like us and that's why we decided to occasionaly make some music.

Why Kunstterrorist Audio Noize as the name for the band?

We thought it would be like a division in Kunstterrorist Organisation, and it is. Like in military you know.

Lots of different styles on the album? How's that?

The tracks on this album that we just released were recorded between 2005 and 2007 and the thing is that in this period of time we were still trying to find ourselves. You know, just to figure out what it is that we want to make with all of this we were doing. Hence the different styles and quality of the recording. I mean there's a punk guitarist, death metal guitarist, plain bold heavy metal guitarist and two electronica based fuckers working on the music, that should pretty much explain the question. You can clearly see the difference between the songs, for example "Heroes", "Radar Advisory" and "Short Range" are done in what I called sound cut-up method. Something that doesn't exist on any of the other tracks. Every single one of us had a chance to add something of his into this album. That's why we ended up with a cocktail or let's say goulash - and that's the thing I'm trying to avoid in the production of our new tracks.

What's the influence behind it all?

First of all I guess the influence is just to make something that works together. It was also my own search for the answer to the question "Can I work well with others"? Truth is, I work best when working on my own, that way there's no one to yell at telling him to keep up the pace. But I guess the question refers to the musical influence which is really wide. Again, it sucks that everyone had to put something into this music but than again - that's why we ended up with a mixture of sounds.

There are no lyrics on the songs besided the sampled sounds? How come?

The truth is we couldn't find any suitable vocals here in Croatia. There were couple of auditions we held but none of the vocalists were good enough. We had dozen of girls that were into some death metal which wasn't working with our concept and we had couple of rockers whose english wasn't too well. We also had one guy that tried to impersonate Keith Flint but failed at it. Our new stuff will have vocals though, there are couple of singers that are suitable. We'll also probably collaborate with this totally cool female rapper and singer called Diyala. We're probably have one or two tracks with her, don't know that yet.

You use some speech samples in your music, are they from movies, telly or?

I used to spend my nights back 15 years ago while the war on balkan was still at full speed listening to foreign radio stations and I used to record them. There are lots of samples from many sources in our music alltogether - we like it that way. We did try to obfuscate some borrowed material we used in our songs, don't know how much of it is concealed though. But the whole concept of KTO is anti-copyright anyways and works under the "If creativity is a field, copyright is the fence" kind of reality.

What's the message you try to spread since it's kind of connected with Kunstterrorist Organisation which sends our lots of messages?

Don't know man - lots of information and messages floating around in there. People seem to recognize some clues we give them here and there and they like it. Especially those who follow the fnord.

Your band also did some remixes? Can you tell us something about that? Any Croatian bands you remixed?

Jan Kincl, bands producer and me basically did all the remixes together. We just mess around with some sounds and come up with something we think is alright. The most recent remix was for this Croatian band called Vatra, remix was circulating on the radio over here for some time and has gathered some nice reactions and reviews. We didn't think people would like it that much to tell you the truth. I think this remix is still on our myspace page so you can have a listen to it there.

The album name is The Next War, any connotations with WW3?

No. In 2005 the name of the EP was "War is over", never released. This album was first called "Deaf Awareness", but I made this "The Next War" image for the cover that I liked more so I decided to go with this.

You mentioned once that your fan base is larger outside the borders of your country, how's that?

Some magazines and web sites over here reviewed us and wrote something about us here and there but other than that we're not so popular. We're not popular at all actually and that's the way we like it because we mainly do the music for ourselves. But according to the guy that handles all the emails and relationships with people via community sites - foreign people ask more questions and send more emails.

Ok so you are from Zagreb, that's in Croatia. How is life over there, and how is the regional music scene - give us some positive/negative thoughts.

Life over here is ok, nothing special. People are pretty rude that's one thing I can guarantee. Music scene is mixed, all the mainstream stuff is wrong and mostly sucks. There are couple of bands on the mainstream scene that make some difference but I don't listen to them either. Demo scene is active but not active enough to make some real progress or to evolve as they probably want. I know some great demo bands that will never be treated as they should. If I'd have enough funds, I'd personally take care of them and help them out. Overall, I'm taking it easy over here. I'm pretending that I'm invisible but playing like I'm not pretending and it sometimes works.

What kind of stuff gets you really pissed off since you are into political themed works?

There's nothing that can piss me off so much as everything that already pissed me off before. Maybe those emo folks or French? Don't know - I'm not thinking about that any more.

What is the final goal.. or, what do you want to achieve with Kunstterrorist Audio Noize?

Well the goal for sure isn't the one that will make us rich that's for sure - we're not into it for that. We are just doing what we like and that's it. That's why we support Death To Music I guess.

You work as graphic designer, artist and music video director - can one make a living our of it all?

Enough to make you go by, but money is not everything. One needs to ask himself how much does the work take out of his life, and sometimes it takes alot. I came to a point in my life when I can choose which people to work for and that's the best when making graphic design. The same goes with directing a music video. Working art is something completely different and I take it very seriously. Doing music however is not my point of financial income only because I don't want it. I do receive some revenues from remixes I did tho.

Future plans, your other projects? You talk about the new material you are working on so please explain that bit more.

Current musical plans are all blurred. Soon I'll be releasing my other project together with Jan Kincl called "Cold War Atomic Orchestra" on DTM. It's like an electronical slash orchestral music we did just for fun. Also finishing my TDKD project as well, it's like an ambiental sound explosion or something - It'll be out soon enough. Ofcourse we're working on new Audio Noize material which truly sounds great, very horny about that. Sounds better than anything I ever did in my musical opus except for TDKD think which is probably the mothership. There's a secret project I'll begin work on soon, but I shouldn't tell much about that - not yet that is.

Got some final words for the readers of this interview?

The stuff on this album is as it is, don't blame us if you don't like it - I don't like everything on it to tell you the truth but I do like some bits. As I said above, the new stuff will be far better. Tune in later.

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