NORM REJECTION are a metalised hardcore band with politicsed lyrics hailing from the medditeranean isle of Malta. They play a well crafted and mature style that brings to mind a vast array of bands, from different genres.
Rather than tell you what we think it sounds like, just check it out their FREE EP 'Malta Not For Sale' yourself. Here are some questions we asked the band...

Wil (vocals)

Coming from Malta, are we right to assume that this affects the band and your work ? Tell us the positive and negative elements of coming from this largely unknown territory ?

On the positive side, living in a small island means that it's easier to make contacts and to get audiences for your gigs. On the other hand its more difficult for us to play overseas, due to transport costs, accomodation, etc...

Michael Briguglio (Drums)

There is an element of late Sepultura / Prong-esque type of metalised hardcore attitude to the sound - tell us about your musical influences and what the band listen to ?

Our influences are varied, and each one of us has his own tastes apart from Metal (e.g. classical music, jazz, blues, funk, reggae, dub, etc..). As a band, we're mostly influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Rage Against The Machine, Coroner, Faith No More, Slayer, Rammstein, Dio, Sepultura, Deep Purple, Black Label Society, Static X, Mastodon and others.

Sean Vukovic (Guitar)

There seems to be a political element to your music - a comendable credit in these days of apathy - tell us what kind of situations motivate your lyrics ? What kind of stuff gets you really pissed off ?

Much of our lyrics are rebellious. We're against oppression and exploitation, and our message is one in favour of social justice and liberation. Some of our songs, such as Malta Not For Sale and 6479 are direct, whilst others are more generic. Basically, what really angers us is exploitation and inequalities which many people experience in places such as work, and in the general ecology.

Rex (Bass)

The title 'Malta Not For Sale' and it's artwork depicting statues commemorating independence seem to indicate that all is not right with Malta in your eyes - tell us about that ?

Malta Not For Sale is an example of a song which we referred to in the previous question. Basically, we're seeing much of Maltese land being sold to large development companies for a pittance, resulting not only in ecological damage but also in lack of public spaces and greater social divides. In Malta we're also experiencing situations of increased inequality and exploitation, while the dominant classes are served by the State. Hence, 'Malta Not For Sale'!

It seems Norm Rejection have been around on and off for a while - what were the reasons for this ?

After the release of our 2nd album '0002' we needed a rest as we had been overworked. Besides, some members were or are involved in other bands, and not everyone could commit himself to the Norm Rejection project. But in the latter part of 2006 we decided to re-start again for good, which we did. After a few months we had a line-up change in our bass player, whereby the new bassist Rex is no newcomer to the band. He was originally the first bassist when the band had another name and we've been great friends for ages. Norm Rejection is back for good, and you can expect some heavy new stuff in the future.

So now - about the future ; with the Ritchie Blackmore style lead guitar on 'Caged', and the politicised Cavalera style growls on the title track 'Malta Not For Sale' - there could be any number of different directions you take musically - which is it to be ? What is the new material sounding like ?

The new material seems to be taking two directions. Either heavy and in-your-face, with an emphasis on power rather than speed, or else dark and verging towards a psychadelic-doomy-melodic sound. You can expect some original stuff from us. We were never shy of new musical challenges.

Any words to the DTM mailing list ? Why should they check out NORM REJECTION ?

Thanks to DTM for the opportunity you gave us, and thanks to all subscribers for checking us out! Check out Norm Rejection if you want a metal sound which is not a photocopy of something else

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