When we got an email from this band telling us they wanted to join our ranks to release their EP,
"H Y P E R D I M E N S I O N A L ...........A W A K E N I N G"
we had a double take - How can a band as awesomely bombastic as the duo of
Jeremy Mauney & Roland La Goy - known as Nutrition - not be signed to Centry Media or some other mega-
corporate metal label who could release this as a stop-gap in between their usual middle-of-the-road shite ??

Ah - it's because they sing songs about Reptoid conspiracy theories and live on opposite sides of the continent.

Nutrition is a true democracy, and therefore they both have their equal say in the answers to the questions
which were provided by our own resident conspiracy theorist James Fogarty...

Nutrition is a duo from different sides of the USA (introduce yourselves please !) - how did you guys meet up ? Have you ever met face to face ? If no, do you consider it a more creatively free process to not be in a band and yet be able to share ideas ? Would a band situation lead to a Euronymous / Grishnakh type relationship ?

Jeremy Mauney: I founded Nutrition as it's vocalist, creative advisor and artist. I'm also a writer, illustrator and graphic designer who spent the last several years living in Tokyo, Japan working as an assistant illustrator to Fist of the North Star creator, Hara Tetsuo. Recently I've moved back to my hometown of Lexington, KY ('Horse Capital of the World'!) but should be returning to Japan soon (hopefully). Nutrition was originally the idea I had for a politically driven thrash band, but later decided to go with a sci-fi black metal approach, somehow the name stuck. The two of us originally met after I posted an online ad looking for musicians interested in playing sci-fi influenced black metal during early Spring of 2009. Roland contacted me and I checked out his solo post-black metal project, Inlaid Rust , as well as some of his videogame scoring. I loved it all, and I knew that he would be the perfect person to work with. Although we still have not yet met face to face (which may sound very strange for some), we have shared online conferences and often talk to each other online. I'd love to meet up with Roland and play some live gigs in the USA or possibly Japan since I'll end up there soon anyway. I actually used to be the vocalist for a Japanese death metal band called Detritum, and I love the metal scene over there, gigs were always fun. I'm pretty sure Roland digs the idea of kicking some gigs in Tokyo, I know he likes some of the same anime and strange Japanese films that I do. So maybe it will be then and there when we finally get to meet.... but I think we'll be busy playing Street Fighter at the massive indoor arcades and drinking large cans of Asahi Super Dry rather than trying to stab each other. I'm a stoner... and he seems like a pretty mellow dude, a great person to work with so far. Our ideas usually blend very well, we just build the songs up starting with a theme.

Roland La Goy: I started off on the central coast of California, right here. Yeah, we met-up on the deep, dark 'net' though (and ONLY there thus far). Everything's easier with the internet and PCs and shit, nowadays. A mess like Nutrition couldn't have happened 10 years ago, no joke. Far as meeting up to 'band': it'd seemed to me from-the-beginning that J. Mauney was interested in pulling this mess together to play live as a real band. Whether that actually happens (and whether or not we get the chance to attack-and-kill each other because of it) depends on what amount of green paper we can pull together! Considering that we're both (just) middle-class mothers on different sides of the bloody country. I'd also probably go insane beforehand too (far as a LIVE Nutrition band goes)... the music is way too complicated to make it work in any live setting... ever. Gotta say that sometimes I could honestly wake up screaming after having thought of Nutrition LIVE the night before. O' course though... if Jeremy's down, then I'm down.

The music is totally bombastic sci-fi Blackish Metal - pretty hard to find a comparison - what are your main influences ? Surely more than the standard BM ? Literature ?

Roland La Goy: Personally, I been into Black Metal for-a-bloody-ever. The stuff's gone stagnant nowadays, though... and that's why I'd stopped caring about what it's fans/artists think of new shite. I'm recently doing whatever it's gonna take to air-the-shit-out and bring it right-back (as most BM acts aren't interested in keeping the stuff from dying-off). In Nutrition, I'd been influenced by Sci-Fi film OST's, (heavily reverb'd) 80's electronic stuff like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and junk... bs like that. A lot of dark fun, PC games and Cyberpunk fiction on the side. It all shows in the act, obviously. We didn't hold off on nothing to get Nutrition's ET/Sci-Fi setting/theme down. But yeah, Black Metal acts like Gorgoroth, Absu, (oddly enough) Amesoeurs, (goofy) Catamenia inspires here. Shit from CA, USA (the home-state) cuts me in half as well... I'd never forget Weakling or Leviathan. Those mothers know their Metal, Black at that. Mix-'that'-in, and there you go, Joe.

Jeremy Mauney: I went into this project knowing that I still wanted to include politically driven lyrics, but adding that element of the supernatural and dark extraterrestrial conspiracies - dealing with themes like that seem to work well with the sounds I wanted to experiment with. Recently I've been listening to a lot of Darkthrone (did not like F.O.A.D, but am loving the new one), Immortal, Burzum - and at the same time - classic synth-rock/pop from the early 80's, especially Electric Light Orchestra's album Time, which is a concept album based around a guy who is picked up by someone- or something- in the year 1981 and left stranded hundreds of years in the future. Vangelis' Blade Runner and early 80's albums/soundtracks have had a lot of influence as well. I love that shit. Also, to answer your question about literature, I actually base most of my lyrical content on the research of people like David Icke and William Bramley - as well as other conspiracy researchers and documented extraterrestrial and/or paranormal accounts.

The themes of your songs are pretty weird for the uninitiated (reptoid invasions, inter-dimensional beings etc etc) - for those of us who arent 'au fait' with either V The Mini Series or the more leftfield writings of David Icke - what is it all about ?

Roland La Goy: *Points to Mauney*

Jeremy Mauney: Well, this is something that I've been interested in ever since 2005, while I was living in Japan. It sounds extremely 'out-there' to some people, but there is just so much intriguing evidence, and it's just infinitely interesting. Most people are aware of the banker dominated political system, but a lot of people are not too informed about the crazy rituals that our world leaders, world bankers, and secret society members are a part of behind closed doors - and why our currency and political symbols are completely saturated with babylonian cult symbology. You come to find out that most religions and ancient mythology - including Norse - seem to have a common bond that ties them together. I highly recommend the book, Children of the Matrix (by David Icke – J Fog) - How an Interdimensional Race Has Controlled the Earth for Thousands of Years and Still Does. I'd have to spend several hours getting into the details in order for anyone to even begin to understand the subject fully. Basically the theory is that the Earth is controlled behind the scenes, often via 'possession' by interdimensional shapeshifting extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids. These reptilian humanoids or 'reptoids' are said to have basically been playing god with humanity from the dawn of civilization, dating back to ancient Iraq (Babylon/Sumeria). They have single handedly gained control of the world's political system and are are aiming to completely centralize power on Earth while dumbing down and reducing the population via chemical and biological warfare (GMO's, aspartame, flouride, vaccines, etc). Many of these beings are said to live undergound and operate there in the open with 'illuminated' humans who worship them, just as ancient civilizations once did. It's definitely worth doing some research on.

(click to buy online)

How serious do you take the themes you explore? Is this escapism into modern-day social fiction or do you think there are sinister forces at work ?

Jeremy Mauney: I've got a very open mind, and I know that a lot of crazy shit is going on in the world right now - the more I research, the more the puzzle starts to come together. Religion, politics, war, history, pre-history, extraterrestrials, life beyond this realm... it all eerily starts to fit together. But once you've stopped and looked at reality for what it really is, it's really just a small detail in the grander scheme of overcoming anything oppressive in a collective reality. Another book that I'd like to recommend, which ties the whole reptilian humanoid 'god' theory with all of the modern political concerns with a great condensed history on all of this is The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy and How to End It - (what can I say, he's one of the single most interesting people I've ever heard of). I also want to point out that the extraterrestrial conspiracy is a very real one, nevermind the reptoid theory. During the past few years, several NASA staff, including astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Edgar Mitchell, have disclosed information on live television and in public about the very real extraterrestrial presence on Earth, the Moon and on other distant planets - exposing the great length to which NASA and big government goes to censor the truth about space. For those interested in the UFO and NASA conspiracy, I highly recommend the documentaries UFO - The Greatest Story Ever Denied and Moon Rising. Both of those films contain many video disclosures and amazing evidence that may freak out some people - haha.

Roland La Goy: Gotta say, Nutrition's themes can definitely be taken seriously. Though, I personally leave a lotta the conspiracy-naysaying to other people (like Jeremy). In the end, if people dig Nutrition cause they relate to the (serious) conspiracy-theory'd side that Jeremy throws in, or cause of the Sci-Fi fun I bring... it's all good. Sure any fan can grow to love any-and-all parts o' the Nutrition-mess in the end, especially when The End's so god-damn close!

The keys in your music is more similar to modern sci-fi coincidental music - and you even use vocoder on your vocals at points - what is the traditional BM fan to make of this ? Do you even care ?

Roland La Goy: We're sure half of Black Metal's gonna hate it all... every last drop. People don't dig fucking-with-vox in any of Extreme Metal's sub-genres, and Black Metal fanatics fucking hate keyboards and ANYthing with bass, no joke. But yeah, If we'd really cared about not stepping on traditional-BM-fan's toes then Nutrition woulda never walked outta it's dark-place. The act sounds-the-way-it-does because we (intentionally) jammed 2 (or more) way-off styles of music in one oven, then stuck-with it and raised this screaming-hybrid-thing till it could walk on it's own (Hyperdimensional Awakening). What we're doing's probably gonna be taken as an insult to Black Metal by Black Metal, but we're just trying to keep shit fresh, whether it's taboo or not and whatever.

Jeremy Mauney: Honestly, I don't think a musician should ever have to limit themselves to a preconceived notion of what something should sound like, black metal was created as something different and raw during a time of mass commercialization of other music genres including mainstream heavy metal - it was free expression in the darkest - rawest - form possible. We just happen to deal with extraterrestrial conspiracy themes - rather than satanism - which in the end still tie into myth, occult, and religion from our lyrical standpoint. Overall, I really haven't even thought about what the reaction would be, I just knew what I wanted to create. Thankfully we've heard nothing but good things so far.

Both the production and performances are top notch - why aren't you guys signed to Century Media ? What is the allure of DTM productions ? Is your subject matter commercially prohibitive ?

Jeremy Mauney: Haha, well - we are a relatively new band. The Hyperdimensional Awakening EP is our first recorded effort ever, and Death To Music seemed like a great venue in which to get more listeners of like mind, without the need for expensive touring and massive distro - not to say that we wouldn't like to one day do some tours and release a full length album, as long as we have creative control and are not being abused financially. We are not financially driven and have wanted to release our music for free online ever since we formed as a band. Our subject matter is definitely taboo in some senses, but it seems like I'm seeing more and more musicians, especially in extreme metal over the last few years, talking about similar themes. Take the mega-popular, grammy award winning pop/rock band from England, Muse - it's singer believes in the reptoids and even writes pop anthems against them and the 'New World Order'. Although they self-produced their latest album and released it as a free online download before the album even went for sale. Just goes to show that DTM is going in the right direction.

Roland La Goy: I dig the process of a good production of good music. Bloody-hard to get that right nowadays. I bring up 'The Information Age', far as it goes. Right now's a time when ANY mother can show ANY other mother ANY-fucking-thing, whether it's worth experiencing or not! Yeah though, every new deal I take-up is a test on how well I can pull the shit off. For me, Nutrition was a personal fat step-up in composing and producing Extreme Metal music... and it was the first time I didn't NOT LIKE something about the final mess, gotta thank Jeremy for the gems in the theme and general vox he'd pulled off, mhm. Even with that, Nutrition definitely ain't gonna work in no commercial/popular ('POP') Metal 'market'. Stuff that don't sound so much like other stuff usually gets panned before people realize it ISN'T there to piss you off. Said-panning will last years before someone gets the mind-enough to think of the act as simple-a-bloody AURAL entertainment. Nutrition knew what they was getting into beforehand, so the act don't aim up-high to the (so-called) top... I'd say. "Death To Music" is fitting, either way... legit at least, 100% true-to-the-cause. Thanks for that, yep.

Techy question ; what is the process for recording with you guys ? What are the responsibilities in terms of who does what ? Is it just like online gaming ? Is this the future ?

Roland La Goy: We got it all down real basic. Jeremy bangs his head on a wall till he gets the setting, lyrics and any art worked out for a track. After he's laid the foundation, I'll go and (drive myself insane, PLUS) fancy up his ideas into actual audio... then he screams at it, annnd there we got some finished music! I think the way we write works out well, really. For me, it's kinda like composing the score to a film (or an online game) ... something I got a bit o' experience with anyways, so yeah, it works out A-the-fuck-OK! Tech-like: everything is done digitally. We got our PCs set-up to record our respective parts using flashy software, and I got bags of other hardware and software sitting around to get the music sounding 'good'. Props to Native Instruments, Waves, IK Multimedia, Arturia, Toontrack, M-Audio and Steinberg for the nice software/hardware that keeps the act's sound sharp... and no, some of it ain't legit, Joe.

Jeremy Mauney: As I mentioned earlier, we start with a basic theme that I usually come up with, I give all other ideas to Roland and he goes from there. I recorded all the vocals for the EP in my brother's bedroom closet. It is the future....haha.

Right about now, the re-make of 80s classic sci-fi series "V" is being aired in the US - Is it any good ? Is it worth downloading ?

Jeremy Mauney: I've seen a couple clips and a trailer. It looks well made from what I've seen so far. Will be interesting to see if it gains as much popularity as current mega-hit shows like Heroes - might even spark some mass interest in the reptilian take-over theory.

Roland La Goy: Never seen the original miniseries' or the TV series, here. But, "yes ma'am" I'm interested in that sick '09 reboot, as a fan of all manner o' Sci-Fi fun. Seen the trailer... rotten stuff, scared me dead! It's nice that 'V' and Nutrition got real similar themes being played-out. Ain't too common a setting... the whole "reptiles-sucking-our-Earth-dead thing". All this' worth downloading in the end. Brought it up before, but yeah: we'd call this 'The Information Age' here, so why not!?

What are you guys planning next ? What's the future for Nutrition ? The last words are yours ;-)

Jeremy Mauney: Some new music is in the making. I've already got some new concepts that we'll be working with. It will further expand the ideas and sounds present in Hyperdimensional Awakening - but we don't ever want to make two releases which sound exactly the same. It will be something new and different - hopefully a progression in the right direction. We are looking forward to what the future hold for us and our listeners.

Roland La Goy: Wouldn't mind playing the shit live one day soon. A long-term goal would be looking at some action figures, posters, coffee mugs, maybe a video game... shite like that to sell-it-out real fucking hard (or not). Really though, I don't see Nutrition stopping till it gets what it wants... heads turned with fists pumping and shit like that. Gotta stir something up. Wanna thank DTM and everyone for tuning in, later gang!

Jeremy Mauney: Thanks DTM and thank to all of our listeners! Keep fighting the battle for humanity!

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