When we met Kobold (vocals & keys) for the second time, it was in a small pub in Lewes (not only the setting of a song from
their last ep 'Tales of the Sussex Weald ; Part 2', but also home to Harvey's brewery - which is a band favourite.

As usual, I met Kobold early on a friday afternoon, to avoid the crowds. This time he was accompanied by guitarist Beleth,
who mainly just sat there getting silently more pissed. All answers are by band spokes-person Kobold....

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You have chosen to release a demo (The Kingdom of Darkness) which was previously unreleased. Tell us more about it ?

'The Kingdom of Darkness' consists of demo recordings which when combined with the tracks from our first demo 'Of Mists & Graves' were re-recorded to make the debut album 'Into the Old Forest', which was released in 2000 on Mordgrimm records.

We thought that people would be interested to hear this demo, which had not been heard by anyone else, because we originally chose not to release it, owing to the fact that we had signed to re-record and release the material anyway. We present it here for posterity and the interest of anyone who takes interest in our work.

Why did you chose the title 'The Kingdom of Darkness' ?

It should be made clear that "originality" was not in the interest of Old Forest. However, by staying true to our beliefs and maintaining our love for early Black Metal, we have become at odds with the mainstream Black Metal artists, who have sought the attention of the press, record sales etc. In the process, the majority of bands have adopted a commercial sound and have strayed far from the anti-commercial beliefs of Black Metal so much so that it is hard to refer to them as Black Metal save for the lip-service that they pay to what they deem as "satanic" beliefs. These are people who thrive in the limelight and being in a crowd.

We in Old Forest prefer to skulk in the shadows barely registering as a blip on the radar of the scene-police, self-appointed know-it-alls and magazines. I personally stopped listening to any new Black Metal some time ago. We know what we like as a band, and we know what we want to do. The blueprints are in the recordings of Darkthrone, Burzum, early Emperor, Hellhammer, early Bathory, and early Mayhem.

If it was recorded after 1995, we generally dont listen to it.

Pt's 1 & 2 OF THE

The sound between your two recent EPs differs somewhat - the second being a more abrasive affair. Was this intentional ?

The recordings were both engineered and produced by James Fogarty - the reason being that we know him from many years ago, he is local and also he is more than apt to record what we want as a band. We had some input for the first EP, but with the second, we left it to him. Evidentally, it was probably for the best as the resulty is a better mix. We recorded the different parts in different locations ;

The drums were recorded at a professional studio in Hove, the bass & guitars were recorded in Beleth's shed, and the I recorded the vocals at home. We are experimenting with some ideas for the next EP - but it is unsure as to how this will turn out.

Why did you specifically request to meet here in Lewes ?

Lewes is a special town that is the historic seat of local governance for the Sussex area. It has a long history, the most colourfull of which we documented in our song "The Lewes Martyrs". This is the story of the protestants who were burnt at the stake during the short reign of Queen Mary.

Myself and Beleth have just been on a tour of the local brewery which he found most interesting as you may be able to tell. Also, any town that annualy burns effigies of the pope in the main street is certainly going to be an interesting place..


What are Old Forest up to at the moment ? What awaits the listener ?

Apart from my previous answer, we are all busy with our own lives and projects. We are slowly piecing together an EP of classic Black Metal cover versions, and working on the next EP in the Sussex Weald trilogy. Also, we are planning another EP which will be more like our first demo. Apart from that, we have still to finalise the editing of our music video for 'The Black Priory', which is taken from Part 2 of the Sussex Weald trilogy.

The bar slowly became more crowded, but unlike last time Kobold was persuaded to stay a little longer while Beleth and myself got down to some more drinking and chatting about whether or not Darkthrone were trendy or not and whether the new Burzum album will be any good.


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