Onirica is a solo project of J. Aguila, based in Balaguer, Spain. Musically a mix oif 80s synth, ambient atmospheres and modern electronic music, here are some questions and answers about what Onirica is about and why you should be intrigued to download the debut EP "Antimatter"...

ONIRICA (J Aguila)

Onirica is a solo project - that statment in itself poses two questions ; why "onirica" and why "solo"?

Yes, you are correct, Onirica is a solo project, mainly because I wanted to do whatever I wanted to do in the realm of music without having to listen to other people's opinions about what should be done, thus rejecting the idea of being in a band.
I think Onirica is a reflection of my individualism, I really enjoy working alone, this way I have no one to blame but myself if things go wrong and I can transmit a far more personal touch to the music I write.
Also, there aren't any musicians in Balaguer (my town) that would be interested in the music I'm doing, they prefer to be in shitty cover bands doing what everyone else has been doing the last 20 years, that's the antithesis of creativity, the death of art itself.

Regarding the name, Onirica is a spanish word that comes from the ancient-greek word Oneiros (a word that refers to the world of dreams), I wanted to summarize my project with one word, and I think Onirica does the job quite well, it suits the ethereal nature of the music. Onirica is about lots of things, the dominion of dreams, humankind's past and future, spirituality, myths, the occult and some other stuff...

You mix some varied elements in the music of Onirica - mostly detected is 80's synth stuff and more recent trip-hop and dance stuff - so what is it that you listen to? what influences your stuff?

I listen to lots of music, from Burzum-esque metal or ambient music to 80s music and some electronica from the 90s. Maybe those styles influence my music in some way, I think the resulting mix doesn't sound bad at all.

You use a few extracts of speech in your music - what are these about? Random numbers? David Icke? Spanish civil war samples?

Those numbers you hear in 'The Embrace of Shamballah' are part of a number station recording. Those are shortwave stations carrying encoded messages, it is said secret services use them as a mean of secret communication.
I have always found the concept of number stations fascinating, floating secretly in the air containing obscure messages, very mysterious stuff. And by the way, those numbers aren't random at all, they have a meaning, I will let the listeners figure it out by themselves...

Yes, that's David Icke in the introduction talking about shapeshifting extraterrestrials, this theme is also present in 'Meteorite Demon'. I really like some of the stuff Mr Icke has written, he is also a very inspiring individual.

When you relate the Spanish Civil War with my EP I guess you know the story behind the spanish town of Belchite, it was the scene of a brutal battle between the two belligerent forces, nowadays all that's left of that place is a carcass, a ghost town, today it's also famous for it's paranormal phenomena. The town of Belchite is the perfect example of how pointless and destroying war can be, it is the bringer of emptiness, that's the message I wanted to transmit with this track. Those are just war samples, not anything specific, at first I used actual samples from the time, but I decided to remove them just to avoid being related to any political movement, Onirica is not about politics, politics destroy your mind and soul.

Onirica follow the historic ambition to go beyond

what is the idea behind creating Onirica? whats the motivation? what is the final goal?

The idea was the same as stated in the first question, expressing myself through music without the help of others. I started doing music when I was 13 years old while I was listening to music like Burzum or Bathory, I found the idea of making music all by myself to be very exciting, I knew that was something I wanted to do.
A final goal? Who knows? Onirica is like a space ship traveling through space without an stablished chart... Only time will tell

What do you think about Death To Music ? Does the idea behind it make any sense How do you find the other artists featured here ?

DTM is great for musicians that agree with it's philosophy to release their stuff and get known. Of course the idea behind DTM makes sense, in fact, I think the time is perfect for DTM to exist, we are living a time of dramatic change for music production and distribution.

I have listened to almost all of the DTM releases and I think they are quite talented, my personal favourite would be 'The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom', and I've heard that the spanish band 'Krell' is releasing an EP too through DTM, good band.

Future plans? Any last words for the Death To Music faithfull?

I'm working on my second opus as we speak, hopefully to be released through DTM too later this year or early 2009.

If you like my EP visit me at my myspace page at the link below - feel free to add yourselves and comment !

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