We have a great Hardcore influenced Death Metal band for you to check out - or - should that be
Death Metal influenced Hardcore band ? Well - it doesnt really matter - all we know is that Swedish band
Stripebound have a great sound and some cool music for the DTM faithfull.
Yet another example of how Scandinavia is leagues ahead of pretty much anywhere else in certain genres.

Here is a mighty short interview...

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What is the history of Stripebound ? How long have you been around ? Any previous bands ?

STRIPEBOUND started out as an project back in 2005 of the former band members from One Without and Winterlong etc.

You play an awesome and explosive mix of hardcore, death metal and something a bit more mainstream metal. Which bands are your main inspirations ? We are guessing that there are many !

The inspiration to Stripebound´s music is the resumé of every members dream what metal should sound like and because of the multiple sources of inspiration wich is so many we choose not to reveal any of them the list would be so long there aint enough space to described it at once.

How do you describe your music ? Is there a certain style or scene you would align yourself with ?

We see us selves as an explosive live band with armoury more than you can handle thats why we align us to the extreme metal genré so beware we are coming for you!!!.

How is it that so many great bands and musicians come out of Sweden ? Is there a lot of support for artists from local communitys ? The band's a pretty tight unit - it sounds like you probably play live quite a lot ?

It must be the cold air from the melancholy lanscapes of scandinavia which brings so many fine bands and artists but in the mainpoint its the crowd and their faithful support wich is the head carriers we are happy we got our unit who shows up at every gig we play, we dont even have to count on them anymore they are solid supporters it makes this worth going therefor we like to thank SB support squad, keep the current streams up.

The past year we have played close to one gig permonth and the plans is to keep it up after we finish the recordings and rehearsing of the new songs, even if the music industry aint what it used to be we think its worth fighting on even if its DIY what is required for us.

What are your thoughts on the music industry ? What do you think about the whole resurgence of the DIY movement on the internet ? Whats in the pipeline for stripebound ?

Stripebound is making the debut and the plan is to release it 2010 but more of that when the timing is right we have so much songs still to record but a cd is to come as soon as the recordings also rerecordings is finished..

Last words ?


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