VANHELGA is a solo project from Sweden, writing and recording melancholic and raw black metal more in keeping with the early 90's Norwegian scene with the occasional Dissection-ism here and there, rather than the current day pop-star satanists of the genre. The solo project of the musician who goes by the numerological number of '218' decided to throw his weight behind the most anti-commercial metal label in existence - Death To Music - with Vanhelga's debut release 'Enslaved by God'.
Here are a few questions we asked this strange charectar who gave the briefest of answers...


Tell us about the history of Vanhelga ? What does the name mean ?

I got tired of playing in bands, being limited and dependent on other people. Vanhelga is my gift to Satan. To make Vanhelga into the Satanic tool that I want it to be, I need to do it alone. Anything that stands in the way of my infernal work will must be punished without mercy. The name is a Swedish word meaning "Desecrate".

The guitar is, in parts, reminiscent of Burzum and the whole sound is very much like early Black Metal - how do you describe your style ?

The style of the "Enslaved By God" tape is very influenced by early old school black metal such as Burzum, Mayhem and Darkthrone. I don't wish to put my music into any specific type of genre. My music will be ever evolving and dynamic, not stagnant and limited to what others think is the correct style of Black Metal. Fuck that shit!

Your demo cover is covered in satanic imagery and symbols - are you a serious occultist ?

Yes I am, my black flame is burning strong and the goal is freedom beyond all limitations.

The 'Vanhelga' logo is apparently designed by Kobold of Old Forest - how did this come about ?

Kobold is a old friend of mine and one day he showed me this logo he had done for vanhelga. I am not good when it comes to painting things and I think the logo he did was cool so I decided to go with it for this release.

Why did you decide to release your demo through Death To Music ? Is it because there is a synergy between the aesthetic of anti-commercial black metal and DTM’s philosophy ?

Because DTM gives me total artistic freedom which is something that is essential for Vanhelga. Also today's music-scene is pathetic,it's mainly about making money. The true essence of being a creative musician is lost. The modern commercial music-scene is nothing for Vanhelga.

What do you think of modern black metal ? Is it at all relevant to what Black Metal is about ?

To me everything that is created musically by genuine Satanists is black metal. That's the essence of black metal according to me. It's about being the world’s enemy number one. Unfortunately that is not the situation nowadays. Mostly weak, blind and enslaved sheep are part of today's black metal scene! It's shameful that they call themselves "satanists" without understanding what it's all about. Their music can still be enjoyable but they should not call it "black metal".

What is in the future for Vanhelga ? Are you continuing to record ?

Yes, I have already finished the recordings for an upcomming EP that will be released when time is right. In the future of Vanhelga lies eternal victory.. Hell Loki! Hell Ragnarök!

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