ORCRYPT finally deliver their debut album - and very KVLT it is too ;

Formed as a side project of Grond (Old Forest), Orcrypt record music inspired by the debut albums of Burzum, Isengard, Summoning and Emperor - and a massive dose of adulation for pre-Peter Jackson 'Lord of the Rings'. All recorded with a "demo tape aesthetic" and mastered via a c90 cassette.

This album is released by Iron Pegasus records, you can now order this 9 track album directly from the band

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OLD FOREST finally make available their 2nd recorded album from 1999/2000, None More Black, which was never released.

Shortly after recording it, the band buried the hard-drive of the studio recordings and went into a 7 year hiatus.

Old Forest now make available a ltd. edition hand-stamped digipack of these original rough mixes, which are all that remains of this mythical album !

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Your very favourite Heraldic Templar Metal band JALDABOATH return with the next installment of toe-tapping metal jigs, accompanied by the tales of what has happeend since the last album. Expect wenches, witches, battles, foes, freinds, theme tunesand general stupidity.

Available exclusively from Death To Music, this is the kind of castle-dwelling cacophonic rock that will make you say "f**k me - this is the best thing I ever did hear"

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8 years after the last album was released, a re-activated EWIGKEIT releases the new album 'Back to Beyond'.

Dealing with themes of life-after-death, mortality and transformation, Ewigkeit's new album is inspired buy it's earliest musical influences.

This is Symphonic post-Black Metal done the way that only Ewigkeit can do it !

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OLD FOREST's classic debut album 'Into The Old Forest' from 1998 is repressed by Mordgrimm Rec. We have a copies for sale directly from the band!

Understated, under-rated and yet undeniable - all with total necro production values, this is a tribute to the classic Black Metal of 7" singles and EPs from the underground period of Black metal. Think Burzum, Darkthrone, Gehenna, Emperor..

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3 years in the making, the trilogy has been completed and is now available as a 13 track full-length release, with a running time of over 64 minutes !

An ambient and original take on Cult Black Metal, the trio Old Forest have created what we think is the best Black Metal album since 'In The Nightside Eclipse' ! - Produced by J. Fogarty (Jaldaboath).

If you want to explore the occult underbelly of England, this is a crash-course in the old rural ways...

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Minstrel metallers JALDABOATH return with the debut full-length album 'The Rise of the Heraldic Beasts' - to be released exactly 2 years after the now sold-out EP 'Hark The Herald' was released.

This 10 track album brings you a collection of tales detailing the high adventures of this Hammering Heraldic Metal™ trio that will make you want to mount your steed and race to battle the wyvern and his minions !

* re-released worldwide by Napalm Records

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Debut album by The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom, founded by J. Fogarty duirng hiatus from long-running experimental metal band Ewigkeit.

Politico industrial metal relaying the tales of the 21st century, in an age of global terror and the 'big brother' state of mind.

Only 665 slightly less evil copies made available.

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Legendary U.K Cult Black Metal band Old Forest return to bring us more tales from their beloved historic home-lands of the Sussex countryside in the form of Part 2 'Domain of the Long Man' - Burzum meets Darkthrnoe for a midnight feast in Kobold's backyard.

As with 'Part 1', only 222 CD copies are available - all are supplied with an understated limited edition collectors pin-badge for the (o)cultists.

Burzum meets Darkthrone for a midnight feast in Kobold's backyard !

ALL SOLD OUT - Please see full-lentgth album..

The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom return with a harsher more direct sound ; a blend of death-metal riffing and Drum'n'Bass to re-tell the tales of a continuing armed insurgency.

Only 500 miniture CD copies made available for this awesome display of a world at war with itself.

Industrial Metal vs. DnB vs. Armed Insurgency !.

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 IBLIS is a four-pieceAvantgarde post black metal band from Krakow, Poland

' Menthell' displays elements of leftfield extreme metal, progressive metal and psychadelia. Therefore, 'Menthell' will appeal to fans of DHGOpeth and Hawkwind !

This release can be bought as Digipack as well as 'try before you buy' download (see 'releases' page.

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The master of medieval metal minstrelery Jaldaboath (founder of The Meads Of Asphdoel) returns to found a new fraternity of knights to document the tales of their travels throughout the darkest part of the middle ages - with inspiration from Black Adder, Monty Python and the Knights Templar.

Available in the minature CD trade-mark Death To Music format.


Cult Black Metaller's Old Forest (formerly signed to cult label Mordgrimm records) reformed in 2007 and began their quest to unearth and breath life into the forgotten myths of the Sussex 'Weald'.

The "Tales Of The Sussex Weald" trilogy begins with "Part 1 ; The Legend of the Devil's Dyke". Only 222 minature CD copies made available !

ALL SOLD OUT - Please see full-lentgth album..

Ewigkeit's original 2004 CD release, as manufactured by Earache Records. Radio Ixtlan is a blend of electronic driven mid-paced extreme metal and stoner rock, with themes on Carlos Castaneda, psychadelia, insanity and general weird stuff.


We have a limited amount of the original 2002 CD release - Ewigkeit's 3rd studio album "Land Of Fog" is a blend of underground Black Metal and 70's rock in a overtly melancholic tale of mental instability !


A very limited amount fo the original 1999 CD release - Ewigkeit's 2nd album is a "raw as fuck" take on orchestral futuristic black metal.

2 for the price of 1 offer.



A very limited amount of the original 1997 CD release still remain - Ewigkeit's debut album is a blend of basic mid-paced death metal and black pagan metal.

2 for the price of 1 offer.


A Limited Edition DEATH TO MUSIC Productions super industry-fucking t-shirt available now !

Impress your freinds by supporting the 'true' underground label 'Death To Music productions, and simultaneously saying exactly what you think of the music industry !.

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Limited Edition T-shirt to commemorate Cult Black Metal band OLD FOREST's awesomely crafted 'Tales Of The Sussex Weald' trilogy.

Dress to impress your freinds by wearing a t-shirt so underground, that you will need a depth-guage just to find it in your clean washing pile - let alone a band that few have even heard of.

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