DEATH TO MUSIC is a small collective previously based at the 'Council-Flat of Mass Destruction' somewhere in Brighton (but since relocated to the slightly less frightening 'Semi Deatched Bungalow of Impending Doom').

Founded in 2007, we release (mostly) loud & noisy music via physical formats (CD, tape & vinyl). streaming services and also FREE legal downloads.

We don’t actually make any money - in fact, we make a point of NOT making any money. All the funds raised are put directly back into the next production ; Art for Art's sake.

All of the music available here is untainted by aspirations of mainstream success, which ultimately leads to the downfall of all art and the crumbling of integrity.

DEATH TO MUSIC exists to bring together a diaspora of underground artists / projects of friends and associates for you to investigate.

If you have got as far as reading this, then we've succeeded.

If you have any questions, the email us ;